The concept of a master key is greatly misunderstood. Many people actually do not understand the advantages of it being a key capable of opening all locks. That is wrong, and there is more to master keys, especially when dealing with commercial businesses.

Running a business, managing the locks, or monitoring where your employees enter or do not enter is an unwelcome distraction that no businessman should encounter.

However, balancing security with productivity is paramount to success, and a master key can make it happen. However, when you decide on making a master key for your business, you must choose a locksmith suited for the job. If you operate a business premise in San Francisco, then Neighborhood Locksmith is a trusted option for cutting your first master key.

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At Neighborhood Locksmith SF, we will set you up and install a master key system to enable you to monitor your security and streamline access to certain parts of the building. The master key is an efficient system even for the most complex organizations in California.

Why a master key?

It is easy to keep track of your employees when the business is small and still growing. The doors are few, and the keys are just a couple of them. As the business expands and probably moves to a new location, the offices are many like the staff. The keys are not left out, the bunch is heavier, and you lose track of it.

A master key can simplify the process as you only require one key for multiple locks, or some rooms have a key, and offices with restricted access have a different key. Overall, an office building with 20 to 30 offices and keys could end up having 2, 3, or 4 master keys if they choose Neighborhood Locksmith SF.

What is a master key service?

A Master key service is a locksmith system that gives the business owner ample opportunity to control access to his premise. The master key allows a key to open more than one door, or more keys open the same door.

Additionally, a master key reduces the number of keys used, limiting key circulation among employees and assigning authority within the organization.

Why should businesses opt for a master key service?

Whether you are new to master keys or understand their capabilities, businesses have a lot to benefit from using a master key service.

  • It is convenient – from a bunch of keys to a couple of keys is a relief anyone will welcome.
  • It increases the security level on the premise – now you know staff members that have access to a particular room and can address issues if anything goes wrong.
  • Duplicating the key is very difficult – unlike other keys that are easily duplicated, master keys cannot be duplicated by the same locksmith that created the original version.
  • Access control – if there are offices that you want to restrict access to, a master key is the most convenient way to do it.

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