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Did you lock your car keys in your car or misplace them? We all know the feeling, and we have all been there. We all grow up dreaming of driving our own car, but losing your key is not the fondest memory we want to share.

If you have lost a car key or not, you should know someone that has lost theirs, and save this number (754) 209-2028. Car keys are the most calls we get in SF, and we are ready to jump on the next available mobile van to get to the location. If you reside in San Francisco, Neighborhood Locksmith SF is your specialist locksmith and qualified automotive locksmith for all your needs. Our team caters to customers in San Francisco and the surrounding towns. With our mobile vans gearing up to go, we will respond to you quickly with no waste of time.

Some of our automotive locksmith services include

  • Car lockout
  • Key cutting
  • Ignition lock replacement, repair, or installation
  • Transponder or fob replacement
  • Remote key reprogramming or repair
  • Key replacement or duplication

For more information on these automotive services and more car lockout concerns, call (754) 209-2028 for help.

Car key replacement

There are several reasons why you might need a car key replacement, including stolen keys, damaged keys, lost keys, broken keys or keys stuck in the ignition, and other concerns. Neighborhood Locksmith SF covers a lot and deals with old models and new designs. Regardless of the type of car you drive, there is always a need for a replacement or a spare just in case. Call (754) 209-2028 and enjoy unbeatable service on all key replacements, including a transponder, reprogramming, resetting, or upgrading.

Car remote shell replacement

How many times has your car key or remote fallen down today? It is a common occurrence, and most of us drive with a broken shell and still use it until it stops working.

Well, Neighborhood Locksmith SF is here to help you replace that cracked cover with a new one. Our shell replacement service is affordable. If the chip is not damaged, but the covering is broken, we will replace just the shell.

Car fob programming and cloning

The world is getting more convenient, and keyless entries are the trend now. At Neighborhood Locksmith SF, we help you program your key fob and clone a new key for you. We have the technology and skilled locksmiths to assist you. If you reside in San Francisco and are looking for a locksmith to meet your automotive key and lock concerns, give us a call at (754) 209-2028.


Another call that keeps our locksmiths on their toes is car keys breaking in the ignition. We are ready for it and have locksmiths that will extract the key, remove and install a new ignition while cutting a new key for your car. Additionally, if you use a separate key for starting the car and opening the door, we will cut a single key to do both jobs. Call (754) 209-2028

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