Padlocks – chances are you have seen them in a couple of places. If you had a pet growing up, they were used to secure the cage or chicken pen in the backyard. This detachable lock system consists of a heavy metal base enclosing the lock cylinder and an inverted U-shape bar hinged at one end. The other end is slightly dented and is depressed into the hole and latches on to a link to secure the building or where it is used.

A typical padlock consists of three parts. If you have never seen one, call (754) 209-2028 for more information. If you are thinking of adding a padlock as a security measure to your property, reach out to Neighborhood Locksmith SF for the best padlocks for any purpose.

As mentioned, the padlock is made up of three parts:

The inverted U-shaped handle locks and unlocks when the key is turned in the lock. This bar varies in shape, thickness, and length.

The body is the heavy metallic part where the bar is inserted and houses the lock mechanism.

The lock mechanism is the heart of the padlock that enables it to close or open as needed.

Padlocks are not installed, but if you are locked out, we can get you in. If the key is broken in the lock, we can rekey the cylinder or change the lock. If you are locked out, the padlock can be picked by a professional.

However, it will compromise the lock, and anyone can vandalize it tomorrow.

At Neighborhood Locksmith SF, we advise our customers to use padlocks to change the entire unit if it is faulty, damaged, or compromised.

Key duplication or rekeying – padlocks usually come with 2-5 keys, which is a good thing, but if you lose all your keys, we can cut a new key based on the pin configuration in the lock. Our locksmith can create another key on the spot from a broken key or from scratch without the key. Most times, we also reconfigure the pin so that it cannot be opened if the keys are stolen.

Key extraction – padlocks are durable, but improper maintenance will cause the parts to be rusty and stiff. If the key breaks in the lock, we can perform a key extraction and make another key.

Do you need a key duplication for your padlock? Call (754) 209-2028 now.

Which padlock style is good for me?

Padlocks are used everywhere, from homes to offices and industries, but which is the best for you?

  • The regular padlock is used in homes and businesses. You can choose a reliable brand according to your security needs and purpose.
  • The combination padlock comes with a key control system that is opened with a combination code. These are common in schools, hospitals, or areas where lockers are utilized to protect your stuff.
  • The shrouded padlock has a sturdy metal guarding the bar and also makes it difficult to cut or hammer it open.
  • The combination padlock is like a regular padlock but keyless.
  • High-security padlocks – are made of hardened steel with a shackle guard that is difficult to pick, hammer, or cut. Many are made to government standards and are used in facilities that need security without breaking the bank.

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