Industrial locksmiths are grouped under commercial locksmiths, but there is a difference. Although it is a commercial service, industrial locksmiths deal with heavy-duty locks and keys for spaces like manufacturing companies, construction sites, warehouses, depots, and any establishment that needs heavy security. Many industries have their own security systems in place, but could they be better because of their location and the vulnerability to criminals and intruders?

Do your own industry in San Francisco? Then security should not be an issue for you. Neighborhood Locksmith SF is San Francisco’s reliable and efficient locksmith protecting commercial and industrial outlets with high-grade security locks. We have distinguished ourselves and construction sites, manufacturing companies, and more know they can rely on us to deliver premium brands to secure their investments.

Security is essential for the industry in California, and we have an array of products to enhance your current security or change it for the best.

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Our industrial service

Lock installation or change

If the locks are faulty but the hardware is in perfect condition, changing the lock cylinder to a better one will solve the security challenges you are facing. Are the locks damaged and beyond repair? If this is the case, we advise our customers to go for an installation instead. Installing a new lock gives you access to the latest locks on the market and the opportunity to secure your premises better. We do consult with our clients and show them what is new and help them make a wiser and more valuable choice.

Lock maintenance and routine checks

Most industrial locks are battered and bruised by the weather. This causes them to rust easily, leading to damage without proper maintenance or routine checks. We can create a routine with you and have all your locks checked and managed to prevent damage. Our locksmiths will inspect the locks, clean and lubricate them, restoring them to their former selves and in good working condition.

Lock upgrade

Industries need security upgrades too, and we can help. We have the expertise and top-brand locks to cover any lapses in your current system. If your company is prone to criminals and intruders breaking into it, this is where we come in. Whether the disruption is from the outside or inside your company, we will ramp up the security and prevent it from happening. Locks are crucial to keeping intruders out or in, as the case may be. Additionally, a lock upgrade enables other security systems to work efficiently in capturing any culprit.

Why choose us?

Neighborhood Locksmith SF is an end-to-end provider of industrial locks, and our broad knowledge of heavy-duty locks gives your business an edge in California. In San Francisco, our goal is to protect the industries that give life to the city and the largest employer of labor.

Our prices are unbeatable and second-to-none because we want clients to be safe and businesses to remain focused on the goal while we worry about the security on your behalf.

 Whether you operate an office building, school, warehouse, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, or others, you need locks. Neighborhood Locksmith SF is the reliable locksmith to meet your industry security goals professionally.

For more information, call us at (754) 209-2028



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