Your keys are a fundamental part of your coming in and out of premises or getting to a place. However, when they are stuck or broken in the lock, it is of no use and not the best feeling in the world.

Have you gotten your keys stuck in the lock of your door or car? It is unfortunate, but you need a locksmith to get it out. Okay, we have seen cases of people that attempted to extract the keys themselves and ended up damaging the lock and all the hardware components attached to the lock.

Before we jump right into extracting the broken piece, save this number now, for rainy days

It is (754) 209-2028. These are professional locksmith services in Hollywood, helping hundreds out of a lock and key crises. With our trained and experienced locksmiths, we can extract the key from any lock regardless of the size of the broken bit. Hey, we will save you the trouble of damaging a perfectly good lock too.

Factors that can lead to calling for a key extraction service

Several factors lead to this, most of which we ignore until it happens. For residential customers, the following are to blame.

  • The lock is not aligned with the hardware, making it difficult to turn the key in the lock.
  • The lock is old and needs pressure to open.
  • The lock is damaged, and you have been managing it for ages.
  • The key is twisted or bent, but you are still inserting it into the lock.
  • You forcefully turn the key in the lock even when it does not bulge.

Why shouldn’t you extract the key yourself and choose us?

Now that you know the reason for the broken key, pick the locksmith for the job from Locksmith Hollywood FL for a talented and certified professional. We do not only repair and cut locks, but extraction is for specific people, and we are good at it.

We have answered so many questions, including if one can DIY a key extraction by themselves. While we are aware of the many videos online that support extracting a key from a lock, there is no better method than using the services of a professional.

Trying to extract a key on your own will damage it, and if it is a car ignition, it is a complex situation and can cost more money to fix it. Whether the key is stuck deep inside or broken at the tip, we have the tools and techniques to extract it.

But that is not all.

We have a mobile system fitted with tools and machines to cut a new key for the customers to instantly get into their homes or drive to their destination. This process saves you time, money, and energy. Our key extraction process is not limited to residential clients alone, but for business owners, vehicles, and other mobile systems, and high-security buildings.

If your key is broken in the lock, do not attempt to extract it or fiddle with the lock. Call us at (754) 209-2028, and we will be at your door or car in a promptly manner.

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