A rekey service is necessary for all areas, whether at home, office, or business, and if you need a rekey professional, contacts us for your needs. At Locksmith Hollywood FL, we offer impeccable rekeying service for a token without damaging or compromising the door. Our locksmiths use quality tools and techniques to carry out a rekey lock service.

Still thinking! Pick up that phone right now and dial our toll-free number (754) 209-2028, and one of our locksmiths will assist you with all your rekey requirements without cutting corners.

What is a rekey lock service?

Imagine this situation, the lock mechanism is faulty, but the hardware, including the handle, is in perfect working condition. Rekeying is the next option for you. This is a simple yet effective way to change the locks without tampering with the lock hardware. In the rekey process, the cylinder in the old lock is replaced with a new one. Now, some changes have come with this process. All the old keys are no longer functional, and you will need to cut new keys.

Additionally, rekeying a lock is cost-effective and durable if done by a professional locksmith.

Who needs a rekey lock service, and why?

If you live in a building with faulty locks, you need a rekey. You can decide to change the locks. However, if you are cash strapped and want something affordable, rekeying is the best bet?

You just moved into a new apartment-moving from one place to another is expensive, whether you have a ton of property or not. Lock change is expensive. You can never tell how many people or tenants have the key and can invite themselves in anytime they feel like it. To avoid being cut unaware, a lock change will give you a brand new key and protect your home from unwanted visitors.

You are in the middle of a bitter divorce – circumstances happen, and things designed to last forever stop midway. If you are afraid of your life or spouse in a divorce proceeding, the best option is to change the locks until the process is over. This process safeguards you, your children, and your possessions.

You own rental properties-tenants go and come every day, some leave the keys and others take them along. If the lock hardware is still functional, it is best to rekey before a new tenant steps in. Furthermore, tenants are usually happy when they know they are not spending any extra cash on the house after the down payment.

In some regions, the law does not permit a lock change to keep the integrity and history of the building intact. If you find yourself in a building with tons of history, a rekey will preserve the look but secure it for the next generation.

Need a rekey service? Think no further than your local locksmith near you. Call (754) 209-2028 to get started with the process.

Do not be forced into changing a lock that can be rekeyed. At Locksmith Hollywood FL, we understand locks and have the best rekeying tools for residential, commercial, and business premises.



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