When it comes to properly secure your premises, nothing beats a deadbolt lock. It is one of the most efficient locks to ensure safety.

Do you need more information about the deadbolt lock service? We can help.

Call us at (754) 209-2028 for more than one deadbolt and if your premises need it. We will go the extra mile to advise you on the best option after a property survey. There are countless reasons to choose a deadbolt, especially creating the best barrier for intruders to enter your property.

At Locksmith Hollywood FL, we have a professionally trained team to install or repair deadbolts. Whether you live in the surrounding or main city, if you need a bit of deadbolt advice, call us now. We will choose a deadbolt according to your needs, including upgrading the security on your property.

Where should I install a deadbolt?

Anywhere that is needed. We advise our customers seeking this service to install one on every entrance or exit door, including the back door, garage, front & back gate, and front door. Also, if you have a room with valuables, a deadbolt adds extra protection.

Why do you need a deadbolt?

Well, because your security is significant. Unlike a locked doorknob, deadbolts are thicker, sturdier, and more reliable in securing any premises. They are not the easiest locks to pick or break into, thereby hindering burglars and other intruders from coming inside.

We can tell you one fact – unless a robber is that stupid, they will never bother coming near a home with a deadbolt installed on the doors.

Deadbolt Installation

Whether you are reinforcing the lock already installed or looking for a fresh installation, a deadbolt is your property’s first line of defense. It defines why your home was not burglarized in a recent trial and failure. While having a deadbolt installed will deter potential criminals, it is also vital to get a qualified team to install it well for you.

Can you imagine a house worth millions with an ordinary lock and key system? This is inviting thieves onto your property. At Locksmith Hollywood FL, our team will install high-grade deadbolts of any kind for you from the best in the industry. Our goal is your security and deterring outsiders or unwelcomed people into your property.

Deadbolt Repairs

Like all locks and key systems, continuous use causes wear and tear, and the deadbolt is not exempted from this category. A deadbolt will need repair for the following reasons:

  • The key is stuck or broken in the lock
  • The lock is making noise
  • It is not aligned, making key functions difficult.

If this is you, call the Locksmith Hollywood FL immediately. Do not allow your home to be vandalized for a small problem. Call (415) 881 – 3721. We will diagnose the problem and determined what is wrong with the deadbolt. Some deadbolts need alignment, while others require a complete change of the moving mechanism. Regardless of the reason, we will replace, repair, or offer a higher-grade unit for the old one.



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