Like everything else, even cars have come a long way. Today, cars have different safety mechanisms to protect them from thieves and carjackers. If you have a car from after the 1990s, chances are your key has a transponder, and it can get damaged, spoilt, or stop working.

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This added security measure is also referred to as a chip key or smart key and is a combination of two words – transmitter and responder. It is a small built-in chip located in the upper part of the key covered with a plastic casing to receive and send signals to your car. This simple, yet effective technology makes it harder to steal a car.

What are transponder keys?

Well, car keys that contain a chip are transponder keys. This is an extra level of security to verify the owner and prevent it from being stolen. The chip is embedded in the car keys, and if the right signal is transmitted, the car starts.

If not, the car cannot start.

Now, as good as this technology is, it does have some flaws. If your key falls once too often, it will sooner or later damage the chip and render the transponder inactive.

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Types of transponder programming key service

There are two types of transponder key programming locksmiths employ. They are in-car transponder programming and remote programming.

In-car transponder key programming gives you countless transponder key programming options because some transponders cannot be programmed without being in the car.

Programming without an existing key – If the transponder key is programmed with an existing key, you will need to call a qualified locksmith to assist you. Our locksmith will need access to your car to find the code using the receiver. It is then copied onto a blank and never-before programmed key. We can also reprogram the old key by having all the details erased and doing it again.

Remote transponder key programming

Like keyless entry systems, some transponders can be programmed without the car. This is not for all cars, and there is some risk involved, but only a qualified auto locksmith can ensure its success. The locksmith interacts with the car’s computing system to ensure it is working properly.

While we can fix the transponder remote, we ask for the car location to enable the locksmith to complete the programming.

Why choose us?

Overall, we are qualified and have the technical know-how to program transponder keys. We advise our customers to tell us the car model and year to make the appropriate preparation for a fix. Programming a transponder key is fast, but creating a duplicate for tomorrow will take extra time.

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