Removing your car from the lock has got to be one of the easiest things ever, or so you thought. When the key is broken in the lock, for whatever reason, and will not come out no matter how hard you try, do not fiddle with it any more than normal.

Even if you remove the broken bit, you might have damaged the lock and definitely need a locksmith to cut a new key and fix the car lock. Is your car key broken in the car lock or ignition? Do not panic or get confused. Call the San Francisco locksmiths at (754) 209-2028.

By contacting our service, you are ensured a professional locksmith extracting the key using the right tools.

But that is not all. We have a mobile locksmith van, fully fitted with the machine to cut a new key on the spot and check if the lock is still functioning. We do not want you to stop on the way for any reason. So if you live or work in San Francisco, this is the time to save this toll-free number for rainy days or cold nights. It is (754) 209-2028

The key got broken for several reasons:

·         If it is old and you think you can cover another 10,000 miles before changing it, you will be disappointed as keys and locks undergo wear and tear with constant use.

·         The key is old and slightly bent, but because it still opens the door and starts the ignition, you decide to keep using it until this happens.

·         The key would not turn in the lock, and the little force you exerted broke the tip-off, and now you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

There are many reasons for suffering a broken key, but having a qualified locksmith is always a sign of relief when such incidents happen.

A broken lock service might also mean an ignition cylinder change or how much key was in the lock. If the key is broken close to the handle, it is easy, and the lock is fine. If the key is broken off at the end, the cylinder might get damaged as the locksmith must squeeze in to extract the key.

This means a new key and lock are required.

Read through our lock and key repair section for more information on this service.

Why should you hire a locksmith from Neighborhood Locksmith Hollywood?

Our professional service is unrivaled, and we have set the pace as the best in the business. Additionally, working with qualified hands and having the tools to make the change has distinguished us too.

Our prices are unbeatable, affordable, and durable. We know the high charges other people ask for an extraction. While this is a job, this community is home, and the residents have been our biggest supporters.

We have a ready-to-dispatch mobile team gearing up to go to you.

Our extraction service extends to our residential and commercial customers too. Do not be locked out. Call (754) 209-2028 now.



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