The residence lockout is completely locked out of your house with no access through any entry. That is to say, the front door, back door, garage, or windows are all shut.

Panic mode immediately sets in, and while this is the right emotion associated with a residence lockout, you could dial (754) 209-2028 for assistance.

Several reasons result in a residence lockout, but causing more damage to get in is not the answer to this situation. Do not break the window, tamper with the lock, or fiddle with the door. It is an extra expense, and you will not like the aftermath.

By contacting Neighborhood Locksmith SF, a professional locksmith will be solved promptly in an efficient manner, so do not weaken the security of your home for any reason.

Try the following steps to wriggle yourself out of a lockout.

Get help

If you live with a partner, roommate, or have neighbors, call them for help. You can never tell; it might just happen. Additionally, if you live in a block of flats, chances are the locks are slightly similar, and one key can open the other. If this is the case, we have some advice for you. Once the day opened, get the services of a locksmith to rekey the locks and get a new key. While you wait, reach out to the landlord or property caretaker if they have a key to open the door.

No solution yet – call Neighborhood Locksmith (754) 209-2028 now.

Passing through a window

Now, this option is only viable if the window will accommodate your body size and if you have an extra key inside your home. If the window is locked, please do not pry it open or damage it. If the window is open, climb through after removing the screen and be careful as you do that. If the window is small, please do not squeeze your weight through it.

Do not pick the lock.

It can be tempting to want to pick your lock in a residence lockout, but be careful. If you are not a certified locksmith, picking your lock will amount to more damage and extra expenses for a simple mistake. Do not attempt to drill the lock either, as it will destroy the pins and cylinder. Additionally, do not attempt to force the door open or use force. You will damage the lock, the door, and the hardware.

So if you do not want to buy a new lock and hardware, do not tamper with your lock in a lockout, but do the next option.

Calling a locksmith

This is the best choice if you are in a residence lockout. Our lockout service caters to front doors, garage doors, windows, or other entrance points. A locksmith uses different methods depending on the extent of the lockout.

Residence lockouts are very common, and calling a locksmith is the only option that works effectively. If you find yourself in this situation, day or night, call (754) 209-2028.

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